Top 6 best gaming pc and monitor

To enjoy the best gaming experience, you need to buy a gaming computer that can handle a wide range of games and run them smoothly.

Several features of a gaming computer make it better than others. Some essential features are processor speed, graphics card, RAM, hard drive size, and sound card.

You can choose the best gaming PC based on the above features and compare them with each other. However, buying a computer is more challenging than it seems. Consider several factors, like price, size, and performance, before buying one.

Gaming computers come in various sizes and shapes. If you want to buy a gaming PC that will suit your needs, you need to consider the size and shape of your space. While shopping for the best gaming PC, the price is also essential.

I have done a lot of research to find out the best gaming PC and monitor. I have also added the details of the most popular and cost-effective ones for you to use as a reference.

 Things to consider before buying best gaming pc and monitor

Things to consider before purchasing the best gaming pc and monitor

When you are ready to build your new PC, there are many things you must consider. These are:

  1. Budget
  2. Components
  3. Power Supply
  4. Case
  5. Monitor
  6. Speakers
  7. PSU
  8. Graphics Card
  9. Case
  10. Cooling System

Here we will discuss things to consider before buying the best gaming pc and monitor.

  1. Budget

As we all know, building a good gaming computer is a considerable investment. So, you must consider your budget and select the parts you can afford. It’s better to buy the components you need at once instead of trying to fit everything into one budget.

  1. Components

The next thing you need to consider is the components that you need in your computer. A good gaming PC should be equipped with the following parts:


The CPU is an essential part of your computer. With a good CPU, you can play your games smoothly. Therefore, you need to consider the type of CPU you need for your computer.


The RAM is the memory of your computer. You need to make sure you have enough RAM because the computer will crash if you don’t have enough RAM.


GPU stands for graphics processing unit. It is the most critical component of your computer because it helps you play games more smoothly.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is the primary storage of your computer. Having an SSD hard drive is also a good idea, but if you can’t afford it, you can get away with a regular HDD.

CD/DVD Drive

If you need to watch movies on your computer, you should have a CD/DVD drive.


A case is a container that holds your computer’s components. It will protect your components from dust, moisture, and even bumps.


A monitor is a device you use to see what’s happening on your computer. You need to choose the type of monitor you need based on your needs. Some monitors are curved, and others are flat.


A speaker is a device that you use to listen to music. You may not need speakers in the same room where you are playing your games. But if you are a gamer who likes to listen to music while you play, you should consider buying a set of speakers.


The power supply unit is the power source of your computer.


A case is a container that holds your computer’s components. It will protect your components from dust, moisture, and even bumps.

Cooling System

A cooling system is a fan that helps dissipate heat from your computer. Your computer needs to have a cooling system because it will overheat and shut down without one.

So, there you go. You can add other things to your computers, like a keyboard, mouse, and webcam. These are the most critical parts of your computer.


KOORUI 27 Inch Computer Monitor, QHD 2560P Gaming Monitor 

  • plays games at a decent frame rate
  • It has a high-quality display
  • Lightweight
  • Supports multiple connections
  • It could be better in terms of picture quality

Product Description or review

It’s rare to find a 27-inch curved monitor under $400, but the KOORUI 27 Curved Monitor is quite affordable, so it’s a good deal.

This monitor is an excellent option for gaming, and it’s not just because of the 144Hz refresh rate.

With a 2.5-millimeter bezel, it’s easy to view from angles, so you don’t have to worry about tilting the screen to see what you want.

The 144Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth gaming experience, and the wide viewing angle is excellent for gaming.

It’s an excellent monitor and ideal for playing games at home, especially if you have a PS4 or Xbox One.

Get this one if you’re looking for a monitor that will improve your gaming experience.


Portable Monitor – KYY 15.6” FHD 1080P Portable Laptop Monitor

  • Stylish and modernistic design
  • Compatible with all kinds of laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Great battery life
  • Not satisfied with the microphone quality

Product Description or review

This is a great monitor that packs a lot of features into a slim package, and it looks stylish too.

I expected the portable monitor to be a little larger, but it’s still relatively small.

The monitor is designed to be foldable and does fold up quite nicely, although I wish it were a bit sturdier.

There are two USB-C ports on the side and another on the back, where you plug in your charger.

The ports are easy to use, and they’re super convenient.

The stand is foldable, and the magnet is strong enough to keep the air in place.

There are a few issues with the design, though, and they’re pretty minor.

The stand doesn’t fold all the way inwards, so putting the monitor in its perspective is challenging, but it’s not a big deal.

The monitor is very lightweight, and the foldable stand is not very sturdy either so it could get knocked over easily.

It’s also worth mentioning that the monitor doesn’t come with any cables, and there aren’t any in the box.

However, the portable monitor does come with a USB-C to HDMI cable, which should be enough for most people.

Overall, this is an excellent little monitor that’s worth the money.


KOORUI 24-Inch Curved Computer Monitor- Full HD 1080P 

  • Superior clarity and resolution
  • Superb viewing angles
  • Excellent contrast
  • Highly customizable with different color options
  • Not very portable

Product Description or review

KOORUI has one of the best monitors for gaming and movie watching that we’ve ever seen, and that’s why we include it in our list of the best PC monitors for gaming.

This is a high-quality monitor, and it offers impressive performance for all your gaming and movie-watching needs. It’s also easy to use with just one cable to connect to your computer, and it’s got a tilt feature so you can view it from different angles.

We recommend the KOORUI 24-inch 1080p 75Hz Curved Monitor for anyone who wants a great monitor for gaming, movies, and everything else.


CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel CORE i5

  • Highly recommended for gamers
  • With high-end specs, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest titles in stunning clarity
  • Durable; built like a tank and came with a one-year warranty
  • It doesn’t have a lot of space
  • It needs to be connected to the internet to install drivers; it needs to be connected to a power outlet

Product Description or review

Cyber gear has been in business since 1994, specializing in gaming PCs and peripherals. This is an excellent build with a ton of features and a very competitive price point.

I am impressed by the cooling and the lighting. It looks like they did a great job with that. The graphics card is overclocked and works very well. There are plenty of ports to hook up to different devices. The motherboard has plenty of space for expansion cards. The CPU cooler is a great design, and the fans run quietly. The case has plenty of room for a power supply. The keyboard is a good design, and the keys are smooth to type on. Overall, it’s a solid gaming PC that would be great for casual and hardcore gamers.


Computer Desktop PC, Intel Core i5, TechMagnet Siwa 3

  • Very easy to set up; plug the USB cable into your PC, and the monitor will automatically power on
  • Lightweight and durable; comfortable and ergonomic
  • It comes with a headset splitter for using the headphones and mic separately
  • Not suitable for professional users
  • It does not support Mac

Product Description or review

The MTG 20-inch monitor is an excellent addition to my computer tower. I’m happy to have it; it looks great in my office.

The bezel is skinny, so it’s easy to carry around, and it has an excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is perfect for gaming.

The colors are also accurate and vibrant, and the contrast is good. The brightness can be adjusted with a remote, and there are four preset modes that you can use.

I initially worried about the response time, but it was pretty fast. It’s 5 ms, which is better than most monitors in this price range.

The keyboard is sturdy, and the mouse is comfortable, but I need to figure out its accuracy.

I like the webcam, as it’s great for Skype, but I wish it had a wider lens.

Overall, this is an excellent little monitor for the price.


KOORUI 24″ Curved 60Hz Computer Monitor LED Monitor Full HD 1080 

  • Immersive, clear, and vivid picture quality
  • Precise, reliable performance
  • Flicker-free backlight for a smoother, more enjoyable viewing experience
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Color balance may vary by region

Product Description or review


The KOORUI 24-inch Curved Monitor is a pretty good budget monitor, but it doesn't do much for your eyes.

I've had this monitor for a few months now, and I've already noticed some problems.

The first problem is that the monitor has a blue tint caused by the backlight. The backlight consists of fluorescent tubes that emit light in the blue spectrum. If the backlight is bright enough, it will cause a blue tint. In this case, the blue paint is barely noticeable, but it will be pretty visible if the backlight is too bright.

A similar problem is a flicker. You'll see a little touch in the backlight on the monitor. If the backlight is too bright, you'll know this flicker.

The backlight is a huge problem for the KOORUI 24-inch monitor because it's a budget monitor.

The second problem is that the resolution is not full HD. The monitor only supports 1080p resolution, which is not full HD.

The third problem is that the monitor could be more ergonomic. The monitor has a wide bezel, which makes the monitor hard to grip and use.

Overall, I would recommend something other than the KOORUI 24-inch monitor, and I hope the company fixes these problems in the future.

Best gaming PC and Monitor If you are looking for the best gaming laptop and monitor, here are some tips you need to take note of. The gaming PC is a must-have device for gamers. It would help if you had the proper hardware to run the latest games. It would help if you had a powerful processor and ample hard drive space. It is essential to have a sound graphics card, a high-resolution monitor, and a widescreen to maximize the game experience. Here are some of the best gaming laptops and monitors you can choose from Lenovo Gaming Laptop – This is a budget-friendly laptop with a powerful processor and a large hard drive. It has a sleek design, and it is lightweight. Its keyboard and touchpad are responsive. It has a large screen and supports high-resolution images. It comes with a USB-C port for external devices. Dell Gaming Laptop – This Dell gaming laptop has a slim design and a matte finish. It